Status of Park Ridge Utilities and Public Works Operations During this Coronavirus Emergency - 3/19/20

Status of Park Ridge Utilities and Public Works Operations During this Coronavirus Emergency 3/19/20

As a result of the Coronavirus emergency, the Park Ridge Utilities and Public Works operations departments have modified their work procedures in order to minimize the potential of the staff (and their families), along with the public, getting infected with the virus.  However, please be assured that these departments will continue to provide the necessary services for the public.

The Electric, Water, and Public Works Departments are now operating each day with minimal rotating staff.  To minimize exposure we are also scheduling the same employees to work together on the same days, and they are using separate assigned vehicle.  In addition, all of our employees are ready to respond to the Borough if there are any emergencies that require increased staffing.  We also continue to have employees on standby ready to respond to issues that come up after normal business hours.

Also, please be assured that the Water Department continues to perform all of the necessary water supply and water system maintenance and required water quality testing.  This emergency will not impact the water quality in any way.

In order to minimize the interaction of the public with each other, along with our staff, we have shut down the recycling center until further notice.  We will re-evaluate that decision in a couple of weeks.  There have been no changes to the curbside collection schedule so your garbage and recyclables will continue to be picked up at the curb.  As of now, we are continuing to do curbside large item and branch pickup as scheduled (by appointment), but please be advised that it may take several days before our reduced crew is able to pick up the materials.

We are continuing to read electric and water meters according to the normal schedule.   However, we will not be entering any buildings to read meters that are located inside facilities.

Utility and tax payments can be made by mail, or dropped off in the Borough Hall drop box (located on the front of Borough Hall towards the driveway entrance).  Payments can also be made online electronically with options available on the following link:

The Utility Garage, Public Works Garage, and Borough Hall are closed to the public.  However, they are staffed and will respond to any inquiries.  If you have any questions, please call the Borough Hall at the following numbers:

Public Works Inquiries:  201-573-1800
                Electric, Water and Sewer Inquiries:  201-391-2113

You can also e-mail the Borough Officials with any questions.  The contact information is located on the Borough’s Website at the following link:

Let’s all work together to stop the spread and beat this virus!  Stay Safe!